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Biscarrosse and its Lakes

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The North Lake of Biscarrosse-Cazaux-Sanguinet, the South Lake of Biscarrosse-Parentis and the small Lake join via a canal and form the Lakes of Biscarrosse. 22-mile wide and 7-meter deep, they form the largest freshwater reservoir in Aquitaine.

Biscarrosse does not only host great Atlantic beaches with sand dunes as far as eyes can see. The city also offers an alternative that will suit families: the lakes!

The Atlantic Ocean is not always clement with the holiday-makers, and the lakes are the solution to make the most of your stay and enjoy quiet and warm water, especially with children. For hiking, cycling or skating enthusiasts, a path runs along the lakes.

The North Lake: lake of Biscarrosse, Cazaux, Sanguinet

5600ha large, it provides many leisure activities and water sports, as well as sandy beaches and some supervised (Pavillon and Caton). Surrounded by blazing nature and pine trees, it is France’s second largest natural lake after Hourtin.

Scuba diving, kitesurf, jet-ski, sailing… the choice is yours to make the most of this turquoise stretch of freshwater that can reach 28°C (84° F) in summer!

The South Lake: lake of Biscarrosse and Parentis

3600ha large, it is composed of three bays (Biscarrosse, Parentis and Ste Eulalie en Born). Between Biscarrosse and Parentis, fishermen do enjoy this lake. Often considered as the birthplace of seaplanes, it was in the 30’s and 50’s where great French seaplanes were tested.

The small Lake is 100ha large. It is the spawning bed for fish and a paradise for water fauna and flora. Fishing is available on all three lakes, but it is definitely on this one that fishermen will most ideally enjoy their passion.

The “transaquitain” canal

In 1834, bankers from Bordeaux had the great idea to dig a canal from the Bassin d’Arcachon to Mimisan. This canal, called the “transaquitain” canal, is 4-mile long, 10-meter wide and 4-meter deep, and links the three lakes. Amateur yachtsmen can sail from the North Lake to the South Lake via the small Lake of Biscarrosse. It has a lock that allows free passage in Navarrosse.


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